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Denis Botrot

From an early age I have had a passion for cooking, especially patisserie; I wanted to see what went on behind the doors of a restaurant kitchen.

In Normandy, the region where I grew up, there was everything to satisfy me: 'peche à pied', catching crabs and lobsters, fishing for bass and mackerel, but also organically grown fruit and vegetables for sale directly from the farmer .

The Granville Hotel School (Normandy, France) allowed me to discover the profession of a chef. After I finished this schooI I have been working in different restaurants in France: in the winter in the Alp, in the summer on the Atlantic coast.

Since 2006 I live in The Hague, were I worked with Philippe Galerne, as a freelance chef for various embassies, as en entrepreneur and owner of the shop Sucré Salé and as chef in the Restaurant de Juges in the Peace Palace. Since January 2022 my passion for pastry and cooking come together in the  the creation of my shop Tartine at the Statenkwartier in The Hague.

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